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Masihi Geet - Christian Song Videos

Hindi Christian Songs

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Tu hi zindagi hai khudawant khuda (song by Anil Kant)

Tu he to hai hak aur tu hi rasta tu hi rasta
Tu hi zindagi hai,Tu hi zindagi hai khudawant khuda

Ghar ko banaye tu hi banaye tu na banaye kon banaye
shahar bachaye tu hi bachaye tu na bachaye kon bachaye

Dunia me hoti bas teri hi raza yesu teri hi raza (2)
Tu hi zindagi hai Ha tu zindagi hai
Tu hi zindagi hai khudawant khuda
Tu hi ashki hai ashki kudawant khuda

Hindi worship song by Anil, Reena and Shreya Kant
Ibadat karo uski ibadat karo

Aa pavitra atma aa ja

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